We're happy to be sponsoring dotsrc.org, a Danish not-for-profit organization providing a variety of services to the
free/libre and community.

Who should we sponsor next as part of our Community Program? :)


Any weekend plans? We got something nice for you: new update for our security-focused X230. Check out all the details here:


What have your animal fido friend and the Nitrokey FIDO2 in common?

Touching it softly is the way to go. 🐕 👋 😉

Looking for behind the scenes of the Nitrokey production made in Germany? This is the pick and place machine. :)

We're on Instagram now. Just in case you're on Instagram too, come show us some love over there! :)

Are you part of the and interested in free Nitrokey test devices?

Today, we're launching our Nitrokey Community Program. Come join our program and apply now! :)

Get all the details here:


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