Tired of ? Looking for an alternative?
Try / @matrix. We already did.

The result: NitroChat by Nitrokey. Coming soon.

@mike @matrix I was (am still) using for 15+ years. In theory I like it a lot but in practice the clients all had different shortcomings and OMEMO isn't working well with multiple devices. Most important the acceptance dropped to almost zero. In contrast got a lot of traction in the recent years and works less troublesome for us. We are using it internally for more than a year and are quite happy. Also more and more people from the tech community start using it.

first, thanks for your answer. we use xmpp/omemo also for intern. most time under #debian #dep works fine on all devices, also #android . a very more interesting point on #Matrix is "The core Matrix team maintains bridges to Slack, IRC, XMPP and Gitter" 😃

@mike @matrix Those bridges are a cool idea. For now we only use the IRC bridge which works well. I'm most excited about bridges to proprietary networks like WhatsApp. It would be great to see those working well one day in the future. To be fair, has bridges too but they didn't turn out to be a success in practice, IMO.

@nitrokey @mike @matrix Indeed, at first glance, gateways sound like a tempting idea to cope with the "empty contact list" issue. And yes, the Jabber community was into them way over a decade ago, but they turned out to be unmaintainable except maybe for open, simple, and mostly dead protocols such as IRC. Unfortunately, I doubt the Matrix guys will end up with a different conclusion. They might have more manpower to fight the issues, but in the end, I think this is a battle you just can't win.

@mike @matrix @nitrokey Lol OMEMO works well with multiple Devices for me...

wait and see problems coming as soon as matrix ages and maybe grows some diversity. they lack standardization. @mike @matrix

@vv01f @nitrokey @mike this is FUD. Matrix has a decent spec process (, an independent non-profit foundation (, and constantly sprouting new client & server implementations. There are 9 independently developed clientside implementations of Matrix's E2EE for instance. It's true the project has been driven by a single team, but we fixed that back in 2018.

@nitrokey @mike can't verify that, for my contacts XMPP is widely accepted

Revolt is in stable and riot-desktop is in testing.
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