Keybi | 65. DIY Mechanical keyboard, firmware based on the Nitrokey Pro source code:

@cyril I was thinking in a similar direction lately - DIY keyboard with build-in token security AND random number generator.
I see your project is using "Nitrokey Pro" not "Pro 2" (the newer one). The "Pro 2" has:
True random number generator (TRNG): 40 kbit/s - according to the description here:

I can't find a description for the older model. Does it have build-in TRNG?


@nitrokey @_1751015 I did not look at the code, but I think the STM32F103 has no hardware way to generate true random numbers. So I guess it would get entropy from ADC or user inputs?


@cyril @_1751015 Its the TRNG of the smart card embedded in the NK Pro.

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