We're on Instagram now. Just in case you're on Instagram too, come show us some love over there! :)

@marco @d599f84e @datenschutzratgeber @pharham @PublicNuisance @kirschwipfel @mray @clerian Thank you all for your feedback. We understand your concerns. At the same time, we see quite a few people on Instagram who are interested in Nitrokey. We want to help them secure their digital life too. And we want to spread the word about open source hardware by reaching people on other platforms too. In addition, we are evaluating to join PixelFed.

Slightly hypocritical of those users, in my opinion. But maybe I'm jumping to false conclusions here. Hmm.

@marco @datenschutzratgeber @pharham @PublicNuisance @kirschwipfel @mray @clerian

@d599f84e @nitrokey @marco @datenschutzratgeber @pharham @PublicNuisance @kirschwipfel @mray

In the end it's about advertising and I don't see anything wrong with doing it where potential customers are. The only thing to criticise here is: this here is simply the wrong audience for a post about proprietary, facebook owned walled garden sales channels :blobwink:

@nitrokey @marco @d599f84e @pharham @PublicNuisance @kirschwipfel @mray @clerian

Well, it's absolutely ok to sign up to Instagram in order to reach the average user but: You need to make all your IG posts available for all of us who don't have access to Facebook services for whatever reason.

And please: Never ever refer to non-privacy-friendly services on privacy-friendly ones. Instead, do it the other way round. Tell your IG followers that you're on PixelFed too, for example.

@nitrokey Next time you wan't to earn sympathies with a toot over here try something along the lines of you leaving instagram.


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