Any special kind of glitter? Since it is easy for anyone to get a hold of it

@selea We provide such pictures to our customers to allow comparing each individual glitter piece, it's color, position, shape. Such pattern is not easy to copy.

@Soloninja @nitrokey @selea We can't trust the government/corporations. They have been known to tamper with mailed devices and install malware.

@nitrokey what did that x220 ever do to you? that cruel.
πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

@nitrokey does this also make the laptop hard to open by the end user? Or what is the intention of the glue glitter here?

@threed @nitrokey The glitter is suspended in the liquid. A picture is taken once it hardens. That pattern that the glitter forms once it hardens is random and very hard to recreate. You can't get the bottoms screws off without chipping or removing the glitter thereby ensuring that the case can't be opened without visible evidence. Thus the end user can tell if the laptop was interdicted.

We do this too for our Purism laptops and have for a while now.

@nitrokey pretty *and* functional! Now I wanna do my laptop up with some little glitter pads...

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