Which new Nitrokey product is first on your wish list? :)

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this poll! :)

@nurinoas Thanks for asking! It's merging Nitrokey FIDO2 with Nitrokey Pro features, + NFC and USB-C. :)

Then I want it.

But with a usb-c to usb-2/3 adapter.

How should people with refurbished computers use it?

@nurinoas No worries, there will be adapters available in our shop. :)

@nitrokey we need the NextBox! Have you had any discussions with @yunohost ? That would seem like a natural evolution to something beyond just #nextcloud and allow more people to host their own #mastodon or #peertube instances ... self-hosting will fix the internet:)

@nitrokey nitrokey 3?!? I *just* ordered a nitrokey pro that hasn't even arrived yet. I wish I would have waited a bit longer.

@nitrokey I really wish the NitroKeys where a bit flatter/more straight, so they can be used in a keyorganizer :D

@nitrokey I tried e-mailing the company a couple of times requesting information about NextBox, but no reply and it has been over a month. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in this company.

@prufrock Of course there is demand for more information by you and others We don't want to communicate those only to people who are asking. Instead we are preparing to publish such information. Please stay tuned.

@nitrokey I understand, but I still find it to be a discourtesy not to send any reply at all.

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