What a successful start of our crowdfunding campaign! We reached the funding goal within 7 hours and even exceeded it by 250% within the first 24 hours.

Thank you to all supporters and all those who will also support our campaign to make the digital world more secure!
One thing is for sure: You are awesome!

We already published some FAQ's on Kickstarter - You have another question? Let us know!

@nitrokey can the box handle RAID configurations? Having a datasink without redundancy can be risky.

@rakor As there is only one internal hard disk, no raid capabilities are planned. Although backups can be run from within the NextBox Nextcloud App to prevent data loss. Midterm we plan to integrate automated, regular backups to external various targets.

@nitrokey thanks for your reply. Maybe you could think about enabling external USB3 devices for optional RAID. I think this could make the box interesting to more users.

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