Looking for a secure Mini PC with Intel i7-10510U, firmware/BIOS, disabled Intel ME, and Ubuntu/QubesOS with FDE?

We got you! Introducing NitroPC today. 🥳

@nitrokey This sounds great! I have a couple questions:
Is it possible to charge the NitroPC through USB-C?
Is "measured boot", like with the nitropads, possible?
Are the internals (drives, ram) easily accessible? (I have no experience with mini-pc)
Any other preinstalled OS planned for the future?
Last but not least: Why is included in your shopping site?
sorry for so many questions, these just came to my mind immediately. You guys are amazing, keep it up!

@khaine411 Thanks for your questions.
1. Charging through USB-C is not possible.
2. Measured Boot is currently not possible, unfortunately.
3. Yes, the internals are easily accessible.
4. We don't plan for any other preinstalled OS at the moment.
5. fonts.googleapis,com is integrated quite deeply into the system.


Two questions:

1. Does the version of Coreboot you use have closed source blobs ?

2. Do you know if the system will work with FLOSS distros such as Trisquel ?

@PublicNuisance 1. Yes, closed source blobs are required for modern Intel processor.
2. Yes, it works with all distributions which support UEFI.

@nitrokey I like it! Having the chance to get this kind of hardware in Germany without shipping it from the US is a great step!

Warum setzt ihr immer noch auf Intel? Es gibt keine Gründe. Bei solch einem Projekt wird es nur lächerlich

@Utgardloki Welchen CPU-Hersteller würdest Du stattdessen für einen leistungsfähigen PC bevorzugen?

@Utgardloki That's ok too. But we can only support one CPU at a time and I think Intel is ok too.

@nitrokey @Utgardloki AMD would be more tempting for me too but I agree Intel is still ok too

it is just annoying all reyling on Intel for #coreboot

@nitrokey can it run 3840x1600 @ 60Hz without issues? I am running some older devices, but they all can only run it at 30Hz.

@rakor NitroPC can HDMI2.0+DP 4K@60Hz dual display.

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