We're receiving quite overwhelming reactions to our Nitrokey 3 announcement. Thank you all for your support! Very much appreciated! 🙂

@nitrokey I'm excited as well and already pre-ordered it. 🙂

Yet, I was just a little bit disappointed since I was hoping for RSA 8192bit key support (although ECC might be the better option anyways).

@nitrokey There is a little typo in the description on your website: For NIST is says “P-521” and “prime521v1”. That should be “512”, shouldn’t it?

@nitrokey I heavily use my NitroKey 2 Pro. Up on reading the news I preordered the new one.

I would love one thing though, would it be possible for you guys to sell a misc package, containing caps, and little straps. I already lost 2 caps resulting in my NitroKey having a grey cap now. 😅

@nico You can reach out to shop@ and ask for supply. 😉

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