Your digital life may blossom like a flower - Nitrokey supports you to enjoy the nice things of everything digital. 🌷 πŸ™‚

@nitrokey any news on NitroKey 3? Also wann er kommt? ;)

@nitrokey Danke - ich habe schon vorbestellt und bin gespannt ;)

@nitrokey I've been using a Nitrokey Start since maybe half a year now, and I am content with the product!

Sometimes I have some hiccups when gpg doesn't recongize it fully, but that might be a problem of my setup. Also the speed might either be an issue of the model or my setup, but I'm not blown away by it.

But other than that, the 30 bucks were worth it!

@nitrokey Did you guys actually take this photo? πŸ˜‚

@nitrokey Nitrokey Storage 3 ist der auf den ich eigentlich warte, tippe mal auf nΓ€chstes Jahr

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