NitroPhone - Most Secure on the Planet - The NitroPhone combines security, privacy and ease of use with modern hardware.

@nitrokey Android 😭 I understand, but disappointing. And that means no #mainline support...

@bart @nitrokey Indeed! #mainline would be the way forward! Android means also a list of closed source blobs to make the hardware work.

@dylanvanassche @bart @nitrokey it would be oh so feasible to ship a device with sdm845 and mainline at this point, a few devs working full time could get it usable in a few months

@bart @nitrokey what if android with mainline kernel, oh wait...


#foss is not sufficient for security, but it is necessary for security.

Mobile phones with GrapheneOS pre-installed, ready to use by non-tech savvy people, is great news.

However, IMO, foss is necessary for mobile phones to be as secure as possible.


@nitrokey If I understand it correctly, there is no substantial difference to a non-nitro Pixel4a with #GrapheneOS right?

@ck Optional: Physical removal of all microphones. A headset can be connected for voice communication.

@bkos @ck We are looking into that right now. Why would you want this?

@nitrokey I think the speaker can also be used as a microphone.

@nitrokey If I were you, I'd disconnect speakers and microphones from the mainboard and use a wireless protocol (e.g. BT, but closed) for data transfer. Have a seperate module control and distribute microphone and speakers, potentially other sensors.

@nitrokey I like the idea. It's probably hard to do, but a hardware kill switch would be awesome.

@nitrokey Kann man nur empfehlen :) Die Kombi von Pixel 4a + GrapheneOS ist absolut alltagstauglich, "sicher" und nutzerfreundlich.

@nitrokey euer #nitrophone sieht gut aus.

Verstehe eure Wahl für das Google Pixel 4a.

Würede mich freuen wen Ihr an Handy Produzenten wie #shiftphones oder #fairphone denken könntet naja vielleicht für Version #nitrophone2

@nitrokey 'Most secure android on the planet' is a big claim.. Unless there is some evidence to back it up...

@nitrokey The price though. That's double the amount of a normal new Pixel 4a.


How to do you enable VoLTE and SMS over LTE and WiFi calling? Last time I checked, those are proprietary libraries that don't exist in stock AOSP.

Do you use the proprietary vendor partition?

Does the Pixel 4 even boot without a proprietary library? I know the Pixel 3a doesn't.

I ask because your page says "100% open source"

Awesome! Great Initiative! The people need more alternatives to surveillance software in their phones.

@nitrokey question, is there a way to manage @fdroidorg installation of apps and signing of the apks in question?

Asking for a friend.

@rysiek @fdroidorg You can easily use f-droid as an app store. Do you want additional signing, what exactly?

Props and much success to offering a commercially available non-Goopple phone! DIY flashing is daunting for many.

I look forward to future Android solutions on more open HW as well as Linux phone maturity.

@k3vk4 Not sure about GSMK but NitroPhone has protection against over-the-air exploits by isolating the baseband radio processor using IOMMU and optional LTE-only mode to significantly reduce cellular radio attack surface.

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