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@nitrokey Android 😭 I understand, but disappointing. And that means no #mainline support...

@bart @nitrokey Indeed! #mainline would be the way forward! Android means also a list of closed source blobs to make the hardware work.

@dylanvanassche @bart @nitrokey it would be oh so feasible to ship a device with sdm845 and mainline at this point, a few devs working full time could get it usable in a few months

@bart @nitrokey what if android with mainline kernel, oh wait...


#foss is not sufficient for security, but it is necessary for security.

Mobile phones with GrapheneOS pre-installed, ready to use by non-tech savvy people, is great news.

However, IMO, foss is necessary for mobile phones to be as secure as possible.


@nitrokey If I understand it correctly, there is no substantial difference to a non-nitro Pixel4a with #GrapheneOS right?

@ck Optional: Physical removal of all microphones. A headset can be connected for voice communication.

@bkos @ck We are looking into that right now. Why would you want this?

@nitrokey I think the speaker can also be used as a microphone.

@nitrokey If I were you, I'd disconnect speakers and microphones from the mainboard and use a wireless protocol (e.g. BT, but closed) for data transfer. Have a seperate module control and distribute microphone and speakers, potentially other sensors.

@nitrokey I like the idea. It's probably hard to do, but a hardware kill switch would be awesome.

@nitrokey Kann man nur empfehlen :) Die Kombi von Pixel 4a + GrapheneOS ist absolut alltagstauglich, "sicher" und nutzerfreundlich.

"Optional: Physical removal of all microphones. A headset can be connected for voice communication."

I'm impressed.


@marco @nitrokey @koetpi
Das setzt aber weder auf Sicherheit, noch auf Datenschutz.

@Utgardloki @nitrokey @koetpi Na deswegen ja die Kombi. Fairness bei der Hardware und Securty und Datenschutz bei der Software. Müssten sie "nur" GrapheneOS an das Fairphone anpassen.

@marco @Utgardloki @koetpi Für ein hochsicheres System benötigen von dem Telefon ein Sicherheitselement wie Titan M und schnelle Sicherheitsaktualisierungen.

@marco @nitrokey @koetpi
Nein. Sowas braucht viel Geld und neben manpower auch noch das nötige Wissen ind Interesse.
Einzig Apple (iPhone) und Google (Pixel Handy) bieten sowas.

@marco @nitrokey @koetpi
Du kannst deinen Traum bereits erfüllen.
Beide genannten Geräte kann man kaufen ;)

@Utgardloki @nitrokey @koetpi Der Traum ist aber beides in einem zu haben. Nachhaltigkeit und so.

@nitrokey euer #nitrophone sieht gut aus.

Verstehe eure Wahl für das Google Pixel 4a.

Würede mich freuen wen Ihr an Handy Produzenten wie #shiftphones oder #fairphone denken könntet naja vielleicht für Version #nitrophone2

@Sliven @nitrokey
Deren Hardware eignet sich nicht für Sicherheit und/ oder Datenschutz.

@Sliven @nitrokey
Nein. Sowas braucht viel Geld und neben manpower auch noch das nötige Wissen ind Interesse.
Einzig Apple (iPhone) und Google (Pixel Handy) bieten sowas.

@Utgardloki @nitrokey

Das muss ich dann mal glauben das mit der Hardware die von den verwendet wird nicht der gleiche Sicherheit level erreicht werden kann.

Aber die Konzept dieser Firmen sind nun mal sehr überzeugent

@nitrokey What about support? Are these supported longer than any regular Pixel 4a with Google Android and Graphene OS?

@nitrokey Thanks for the reply. This is unfortunately why I don't bother with Graphene OS. :/

@selea @nitrokey By that time my kids would be old enough to have their own phones. :P

Doesn't the volla phone depend on android drivers?
What about the #Pinephone and the #librem5 ?
@hund @nitrokey

@hund Unless a GrapheneOS maintainer decides to support the device longer.

@hund @nitrokey
Because no dev will support an EoL device without firmware updates

GrapheneOS did 'extended support' for Pixel 2, which only recently finished Google did the work getting Android 11 to run on that phone a couple of months before they dropped support. GrapheneOS advice was to replace the phone ASAP as it got increasingly insecure as months passed

Think Google will drop the 4a just before releasing Android 14- someone would have to get GrapheneOS/Android 14 working on it, which is significant work

Looks like Pixel 6 will get longer @hund @nitrokey

@nitrokey 'Most secure android on the planet' is a big claim.. Unless there is some evidence to back it up...

@nitrokey The price though. That's double the amount of a normal new Pixel 4a.


How to do you enable VoLTE and SMS over LTE and WiFi calling? Last time I checked, those are proprietary libraries that don't exist in stock AOSP.

Do you use the proprietary vendor partition?

Does the Pixel 4 even boot without a proprietary library? I know the Pixel 3a doesn't.

I ask because your page says "100% open source"

@nitrokey "100% Open Source and Attestation" does this mean that all drivers are open source and could be put into the mainline linux kernel so that if I want I could build a linux mobile on this even though you ship it with GrapheneOS?

@dukethereal @bart open source refers to the actual OS but there are proprietary driver blobs.

@nitrokey @dukethereal @bart

So wait, what about VoLTE, SMS over LTE, and WiFi calling? Those aren't drivers. Are those open sourced?

If you have an open sourced WiFi calling library, Please link it! It would be a great reference to port over to the Pinephone.

@nitrokey @dukethereal @bart

Is there anything else that is not open source?

It makes me really uneasy to see your website say "100% open source" without these caveats, can you enumerate these caveats on your website?

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