NitroPhone - Most Secure on the Planet - The NitroPhone combines security, privacy and ease of use with modern hardware.

@nitrokey If I understand it correctly, there is no substantial difference to a non-nitro Pixel4a with #GrapheneOS right?


@ck Optional: Physical removal of all microphones. A headset can be connected for voice communication.

@bkos @ck We are looking into that right now. Why would you want this?

@nitrokey I think the speaker can also be used as a microphone.

@nitrokey If I were you, I'd disconnect speakers and microphones from the mainboard and use a wireless protocol (e.g. BT, but closed) for data transfer. Have a seperate module control and distribute microphone and speakers, potentially other sensors.

@nitrokey I like the idea. It's probably hard to do, but a hardware kill switch would be awesome.

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