Thank you, Phil! 🀩 Feeling very very humbled and also a bit proud. 😊 Have a great weekend everyone! πŸ’ͺ


Very nice. Congratulations on this compliment.

Now a cooperation with @Fairphone and you will be at the top of the smartphone gods... 🀩

@tuxicoman @curious_oecher

We want to make security products such as NitroPhone available also for non-technical people. This also applies to professionals and enterprises which don't have the time getting familiar with the flashing procedure. We flash GrapheneOS and take the risk of bricking the device. Customers buy it from us with usual warranty. We provide technical customer support. If desired, we unsolder microphones, sensors and cameras (optional).

@nitrokey @curious_oecher

Ok. Thanks. I'm happy user of such setup (pixel/grapheneos) and it works really fine. I can advise users with no techinal knowledge to use it.

In your offer: Does it means that if there is a hardware failure in the 2 years that is not due to a misuse by the owner, you take it in charge or the owner has to deal with Google for a replacement?

@tuxicoman @curious_oecher If you buy a NitroPhone, you'll have a single point of contact: Nitrokey πŸ™‚

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