@nitrokey as soon as nitrokey pro 3 is finished and I can store more than one gpg-key on it ;)

@nitrokey did not happen until today because I'm still waiting for thw key I pre-ordered several months ago - yes, due to chip-shortage...

@nitrokey as soon as I decide to throw away my 10 breaking apart versions and buy a new one.

@nitrokey traveling during the last 4 years, had to figure out a way to 2FA all the things before using unsafe networks. NK Pro for OTP, and another for FIDO U2F

@nitrokey When I started using ed25519 PGP keys. Yubikey didn't support that at the time, so I had to look for something else. Later when Yubikey decided to stop publishing the source code of their Firmware, I migrated my RSA keys as well.

How can the nitrokey help in internet cafes 🤔? Doesn't help that the encryption takes place on the key if I still have to enter my Pin on the untrusted PC. Can't be sure it does not get logged.

@jeybe It help by keeping the private key secure. Yes, particular email could be logged and key could be misused at the moment it is connected but the private key remains secure, so no need to revoke it afterwards.

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