@k3vk4 It's same as for the Google Pixel 6/Pro. In our experience it's a bit easier to repair than Pixel 4a. I don't know Fairphone in detail so can't comment on this.

@nitrokey it's rated 10/10 by #iFixit re: #repairability with #parts easily accessible and stuff being screwed in where necessary instead of being glued in.

@nitrokey see #Fairphone's material.

They even sell replacement parts to end-users and shops without gatekeeping or discrimination...


@k3vk4 @nitrokey @nitrokey If I may add: I own a FP3 - GrapheneOS won't work on it neither would it on a FP4. These phones are really cool re. sustainability and repairability but they seem to lack some desirable hardware security features: github.com/GrapheneOS/os-issue

@nitrokey TBH, I prefer something as #repairable as the #Fairphone #FP3+ & #FP4...

And if the #eMMC is removeable, too - that's even better!

@d4m13n @cryptgoat @tux @chpietsch We want to make security products such as NitroPhone available also for non-technical people. This also applies to professionals and enterprises which don't have the time getting familiar with the flashing procedure. We flash GrapheneOS and take the risk of bricking the device. Customers buy it from us with usual warranty. We provide technical customer support. If desired, we unsolder microphones, sensors and cameras (optional).

Are you positive that eSIM is supported by GrapheneOS yet? eSIM is listed on your product page. Last time I have installed Graphene on a Pixel 4a 5G eSIM was generally unsupported. You might want to verify and clarify this.
@d4m13n @tux @chpietsch

@nitrokey Still unsupported: github.com/GrapheneOS/os-issue
I know it is just listed on the hardware page but I guess it is better to poiintbit out right there. @d4m13n @chpietsch

@cryptgoat @d4m13n @chpietsch You are right that eSIM is not supported. It's listed in the hardware specs because it's there technically. But probably its better to not state it at all. Thank you for the pointer.

@nitrokey@social.nitrokey.com @d4m13n@digitalcourage.social @cryptgoat@digitalcourage.social @tux@anonsys.net @chpietsch@digitalcourage.social actually it looks good, you may add that outside the IT industry, no enterprise ever will allow their employees to reflash android phones.

Here you can buy one from a reputable supplier, and don't loose warranty or things like that

Maybe someday the pinephone and Linux phones may enter the general public, but for now this will do

@nitrokey Very nice, a little expensive as of now but promising..

not a dis but wow that costs more than my laptop

@nitrokey Well at least this time you guys mention Linux on mobile, so I suppose that's an improvement...

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