The new NitroPhone 2a is here!!! πŸš€
Our new high-security NitroPhone 2a is a high-end smartphone at an unbeatable price. It also has a handy size and light weight.
πŸ‘‰ Read more in our blog!

@nitrokey Will it arrive before or after the support runs out?

@nitrokey unbeatable price? I think Amazon beats the price by around 200€ πŸ˜‚

Sure. But then you have a Google Pixel 6a and no NitroPhone... 😎

@nitrokey any chance that you could also offer an option with aesthetically pleasing hardware, like Samsung S22 or similar? The #Pixel is about the ugliest phone ever built and a huge turn-off.

Unfortunately not at the moment. One of the problems with choosing a base phone is that not every smartphone allows installing its own software (such as GrapheneOS). Therefore, it is not so easy to find something suitable.

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