Looking for a new and interested in what we at Nitrokey do? Have a look at our new job openings! :)


@nurinoas No worries, there will be adapters available in our shop. :)

@benedikt Danke für den Hinweis. Wir aktualisieren das Datenblatt. :)

@nurinoas Thanks for asking! It's merging Nitrokey FIDO2 with Nitrokey Pro features, + NFC and USB-C. :)

Which new Nitrokey product is first on your wish list? :)

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Heute schicken wir liebe Dankesgrüße Richtung Berlin an @nitrokey, die uns netterweise einige #FIDO-#U2F-Security-Tokens für unsere aktiven Mitglieder spendiert haben. Das erleichtert ihnen zukünftig die Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung ungemein. 🤗

@sindastra Prototypes of Nitrokey FIDO2 NFC (incl. USB-C) are currently being tested. :)

Use cases for ? In the security-critical of terminals, NitroPads serve as control computers. Read more in our success stories! :)


Are you a enthusiast? We got you!

Hardened with Measured Boot (, ) and pre-installed (also Qubes OS!) coming soon. :)

@Utgardloki If everyone of us asked our favorite websites to support FIDO2/WebAuthn, it could get better. :)

No idea what the future is all about? Tune in for a lightning talk by our Founder Jan Suhr about the future of ! When will you go passwordless? :)


@finster Actually there is no need for a hacker edition. Technically you can
install your own distribution on the NextBox or modify our software which is published on: github.com/Nitrokey/

@rince There's no release date for Nitrokey Pro 3 yet. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get notified immediately.

@rince All of this will work with the next-generation Nitrokey Pro. :)

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