Your digital life may blossom like a flower - Nitrokey supports you to enjoy the nice things of everything digital. 🌷 🙂

How easy is it to log in to with Nitrokey /#U2F as a 2nd factor or even log in to Nextcloud with Nitrokey FIDO2? This easy! 🙂


Are you an Arch Linux developer? Interested in getting more ? This one is for you.

We're supporting the Arch Linux to further secure your activities. 🙂

@stefan Ja. Das wollen wir zukünftig anbieten. Ein Plandatum haben wir aber noch nicht.

@jakob Wir produzieren die Nitrokeys vollständig in Deutschland. Auch die NextBox bauen wir in Deutschland zusammen, die enthält den RasPi 4, den wir einkaufen. Die Laptops und PC sind eingekaufte Hardware die wir vor Ort in DE aufbereiten, flashen, installieren.

@jakob Hi Jakob. Danke für deine Vorbestellung. Wir planen die Nitrokey 3 in Q2 auszuliefern :-)

Today is the last day on Kickstarter and the last chance for you to get the NextBox for a discounted price! Our campaign is successfully funded and we could even reach 90.000 € today. 🎉

Support us now and get your own NextBox as a reward! 👍

Something great is happening! 😍The first NextBoxes were assembled and we are in the final testing phase. So far we are confident that we can ship the devices as planned.

@nico You can reach out to shop@ and ask for supply. 😉

@Utgardloki Mittels USB-Adapter sollte die FIDO2 Funktion funktionieren.

> Does it have an option to mount ears to cleanly put it in a 10" or 19" rack? Or multiple of them next to each other?

This is not a rackmount device

> Intentions for this case are unclear.

sorry if this seems like that for you, but the main intentions are: passive cooling and something what feels valuable compared to the typical plastic-fall-apart-cases.

> Looks like it will get very hot in there. No vents to dissipate heat,
at least through convection?

Bottom convection holes and the top holes exist, no problems seen so far concerning thermal. This is a full aluminium case, the entire case dissipates heat as it is thermally connected to the heat generating parts of the RPI.

> Not depicted: Access to the TF card slot without disassembly of the case?

There should be no need, but if, 4 screws are to be removed

> How can I access the GPIOs?

There is a connector to use some of the unused GPIOs, further one for an (optional) fan.

> What is that latch in front of the USB port meant to do?

It's used as a mechanical safety for the usb-port connected to the harddrive

Yeah! Yesterday we got some more casing samples. So this is what the finished NextBox can look like. What do you think?

@Perspektiven As you see in the issue link you posted, ARM and Rasberry Pi support is pretty bad. For sure not good enough for a stable product.

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