As you might have seen, we've released three new products in the last weeks: NextBox, NitroPad T430, and NitroPC. We really appreciate your feedback and positive response! 👍 Thank you for supporting our mission to secure the digital life with ! 🙂

@khaine411 Thanks for your questions.
1. Charging through USB-C is not possible.
2. Measured Boot is currently not possible, unfortunately.
3. Yes, the internals are easily accessible.
4. We don't plan for any other preinstalled OS at the moment.
5. fonts.googleapis,com is integrated quite deeply into the system.

@Utgardloki That's ok too. But we can only support one CPU at a time and I think Intel is ok too.

@Utgardloki Welchen CPU-Hersteller würdest Du stattdessen für einen leistungsfähigen PC bevorzugen?

@PublicNuisance 1. Yes, closed source blobs are required for modern Intel processor.
2. Yes, it works with all distributions which support UEFI.

Looking for a secure Mini PC with Intel i7-10510U, firmware/BIOS, disabled Intel ME, and Ubuntu/QubesOS with FDE?

We got you! Introducing NitroPC today. 🥳

Yesterday we visited the company that manufactures the casings for our NextBox. 😍

Quality is important to us! Did you know that the casing is made exclusively in Germany and that your NextBox is then assembled by us by hand?

@jakob Gerne :-) PCIe (USB) hängt ebenso wie Ethernet direkt am AXI Bus, dieser kann netto rund 4GBit/s, d.h. nach Ethernet Vollauslastung sind noch rund 3GBit/s für SATA über USB3 übrig, das sollte langen um nicht zum Flaschenhals zu werden. Hilft dir das?

@jakob For ssh-access please check the FAQ at Kickstarter, short answer is: yes it's possible. Currently we do not plan to support Software despite Nextcloud on the NextBox, but this is your device, so you can use ssh and install whatever you like.

@ck Grundsätzlich ist bei uns ja so gut wie alles möglich. Schreib uns doch am besten einfach mal eine E-Mail, sobald die NextBox dann auch offiziell in unserem Shop angeboten wird. 😉

Nice! We have cracked the 40,000€ mark at Kickstarter. Do you think it's possible that we'll hit 50,000€ this weekend?
We are totally in love with our prototype - how do you like it?

@txt_file Je nachdem wie genau man reinzoomed ist der RaspberryPI natürlich nicht vollständig (Hardware) OpenSource. Dennoch haben wir uns für den RaspberryPI entschieden weil wir hier mit UbuntuCore ein sehr gutes, zu einem sehr hohen Anteil OpenSource, Paket anbieten können. Bis auf Hardware-spezifische Firmware, ist die Software aber vollständig OpenSource.

@rakor As there is only one internal hard disk, no raid capabilities are planned. Although backups can be run from within the NextBox Nextcloud App to prevent data loss. Midterm we plan to integrate automated, regular backups to external various targets.

What a successful start of our crowdfunding campaign! We reached the funding goal within 7 hours and even exceeded it by 250% within the first 24 hours.

Thank you to all supporters and all those who will also support our campaign to make the digital world more secure!
One thing is for sure: You are awesome!

We already published some FAQ's on Kickstarter - You have another question? Let us know!

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