Introduction to Nitrokey, I Love Free Software Day 2019 @fsfe

@DjCray Im Shop ist Vorabüberweisung gemeint. Auf Rechnung machen wir nur in Ausnahmefällen, z.B. bei Universitäten.

We are selling USB type C adapter for the time being. Working on a USB C device to be released next year.

@beedaddy Please support our development by ordering the non-NFC version too. 🙂

We are hiring: Working student as software developer, computer scientist, electrical engineer

@schuppenvogel Wir haben bereits die Elektronik vorliegen und sind in den letzten Zügen der Fertigstellung. Noch wenige Wochen wird es dauern. Wir informieren sofort per , Newsletter etc.

@Utgardloki FIDO is a standard for authentication but not for encryption.

Our new enables web apps storing keys in physical devices. Works with any browser without driver or add-on. WebCrypt will be introduced to upcoming Nitrokey FIDO2 device first. Interested in securing your web app with WebCrypt?

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Making a more privacy-friendly user-centric & transparent searchable #NextGenerationInternet is why we fund tech like @cryptpad, @nitrokey, @fediversespace & many more. Want to learn more? Come to Helsinki Sep 25th! #NGIForum @ngi4eu

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