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@monsieuricon We just started deploying latest firmware last week, so I'm not sure. See if you see "System Info" in the main menu of Heads. If System Info exists, it is the new firmware. Otherwise the old one.

@monsieuricon I don't know if this affects Fedora in particular.

@monsieuricon Some Linux distributions (e.g. Debian) don't work with older NitroPad firmware. Better to ensure/install the latest firmware:

@finlaydag33k Please send a screenshot of Nitrokey App's About window to

@kuleszdl It's about free test devices of the currently sold Nitrokey models. :)

@marco @d599f84e @datenschutzratgeber @pharham @PublicNuisance @kirschwipfel @mray @clerian Thank you all for your feedback. We understand your concerns. At the same time, we see quite a few people on Instagram who are interested in Nitrokey. We want to help them secure their digital life too. And we want to spread the word about open source hardware by reaching people on other platforms too. In addition, we are evaluating to join PixelFed.

We're on Instagram now. Just in case you're on Instagram too, come show us some love over there! :)

Are you part of the and interested in free Nitrokey test devices?

Today, we're launching our Nitrokey Community Program. Come join our program and apply now! :)

Get all the details here:

What's nice about Nitrokey Business Subscription? You can go now with Nitrokey FIDO2 and upgrade to the upcoming Nitrokey FIDO2 NFC (incl. USB-C) without any extra cost! :)

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Neuer Artikel: #Nextcloud Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit #Nitrokey FIDO2 - einfache Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung/passwortlose Anmeldung an die Cloud mittels Hardware-Token. #Security #U2F #WebAuthn @nextcloud @nitrokey

@cyril @_1751015 Its the TRNG of the smart card embedded in the NK Pro.

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