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Looking for a secure Mini PC with Intel i7-10510U, firmware/BIOS, disabled Intel ME, and Ubuntu/QubesOS with FDE?

We got you! Introducing NitroPC today. 🥳

Yesterday we visited the company that manufactures the casings for our NextBox. 😍

Quality is important to us! Did you know that the casing is made exclusively in Germany and that your NextBox is then assembled by us by hand?

Nice! We have cracked the 40,000€ mark at Kickstarter. Do you think it's possible that we'll hit 50,000€ this weekend?
We are totally in love with our prototype - how do you like it?

What a successful start of our crowdfunding campaign! We reached the funding goal within 7 hours and even exceeded it by 250% within the first 24 hours.

Thank you to all supporters and all those who will also support our campaign to make the digital world more secure!
One thing is for sure: You are awesome!

We already published some FAQ's on Kickstarter - You have another question? Let us know!

We launched our crowdfunding campaign today.

NextBox - Your Own Private Cloud for Home & Office

Help us to make the digital world more secure: Support us now on Kickstarter!


Thank you to everyone who has participated in this poll! :)

Looking for a new and interested in what we at Nitrokey do? Have a look at our new job openings! :)

Which new Nitrokey product is first on your wish list? :)

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Heute schicken wir liebe Dankesgrüße Richtung Berlin an @nitrokey, die uns netterweise einige #FIDO-#U2F-Security-Tokens für unsere aktiven Mitglieder spendiert haben. Das erleichtert ihnen zukünftig die Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung ungemein. 🤗

Use cases for ? In the security-critical of terminals, NitroPads serve as control computers. Read more in our success stories! :)

Are you a enthusiast? We got you!

Hardened with Measured Boot (, ) and pre-installed (also Qubes OS!) coming soon. :)

No idea what the future is all about? Tune in for a lightning talk by our Founder Jan Suhr about the future of ! When will you go passwordless? :)

Need a break from binge-watching this weekend? Tune in for a lightning talk by our Founder Jan Suhr about - the new appliance! Are you ready to regain even more control over your data? :)


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