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Interested in the NextBox review by the NerdZoom podcast team? Tune in! 📻 🙂

All pre-orders on their way to their new homes. 🚀 We're now entering normal delivery mode. 💪 If you're looking for a reliable @nextcloud for your home or office, we're ready to get you started! 🙂

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I have been using a Nitrokey Start for several months now and it's the best investement I ever did to store my keys! 💶 After a crashed system, restoring was a breeze, up and running in minutes! 🎆

Using the Nitrokey for GPG signing, GPG encryption, and SSH authentication. That's only possible because it works with existing standards and even better, it's FOSS!

All of this happens on #Alpine #Linux and I documented my experience and install guide on my blog:

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"NitroPad T430 passes hardware certification for Qubes 4.0!" (Quelle: )

Was sagt man nochmal bei uns? Achja. Saubere Arbeit, @nitrokey !

Wow! More than 1K of you have started to follow our journey on Mastodon! 🎉

Thank you so much! We've got a surprise for you! Tell us your story - what Nitrokey means to you and include a pic or video if you like! 🙂

Already securing your digital life with our security-focused NitroPads featuring Qubes OS? Any open questions?

We got you! Have a look at our documentation! 💻 🙂

Spring break - Time to refresh your security posture! Nitrokey can help you with that! 🛀 😎

Your digital life may blossom like a flower - Nitrokey supports you to enjoy the nice things of everything digital. 🌷 🙂

How easy is it to log in to with Nitrokey /#U2F as a 2nd factor or even log in to Nextcloud with Nitrokey FIDO2? This easy! 🙂


Are you an Arch Linux developer? Interested in getting more ? This one is for you.

We're supporting the Arch Linux to further secure your activities. 🙂

Today is the last day on Kickstarter and the last chance for you to get the NextBox for a discounted price! Our campaign is successfully funded and we could even reach 90.000 € today. 🎉

Support us now and get your own NextBox as a reward! 👍

Something great is happening! 😍The first NextBoxes were assembled and we are in the final testing phase. So far we are confident that we can ship the devices as planned.

Yeah! Yesterday we got some more casing samples. So this is what the finished NextBox can look like. What do you think?

We're receiving quite overwhelming reactions to our Nitrokey 3 announcement. Thank you all for your support! Very much appreciated! 🙂

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